Helsinki Gay Walk

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Explore Helsinki with a gay twist! This walking tour takes you to beautiful Helsinki, its sights and history – also from LGBTQ point of view unlike any other tour!

This walking tour in central Helsinki – the openminded and international capital of Finland – combines the sights and stories of the city itself with history of LGBTQ community’s life in past and present. Your host Juho is himself part of the gay community and as a guide shows you his hometown with pride. The tour takes you off the beaten track and visits places where people used to meet when homosexuality was yet a crime and disease but also tells you interesting stories of everyday life then and now. Finnish LGBTQ icons such as world-famous gay artist Tom of Finland aka Touko Laaksonen and Tove Jansson, the author of Moomin characters, are also introduced during the tour.

Nowadays Finland is an equal country also when it comes to rights of sexual minorities. We are also one of the safest countries to LGBTQ visitors and Helsinki as the biggest city of the country provides bars and other activities for gay visitors. Info about these is provided during the tour and a copy of gay map of Finland is also given to participants.

Price: Groups starting from 215e + VAT

Duration: 2 hrs

Distance: about 5 km

Accessibility: The tour follows the city streets. Some of them are cobble stone streets. The tour doesn’t have stairs on the route.




28.6. klo 17.00, 1.7. klo 19.00


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