Yoo-hoo! Tours is a Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) company

We are based in Helsinki, the city where nature is all around you, the Baltic Sea is never more than 10 km away and the air is some of the purest in the world. For us it is a clear choice that we want to act in a sustainable and responsible way to make sure we can help the future generations to enjoy these aspects for a long time after us. We are committed to the principles of sustainable travel given by Visit Finland. You can also help us in this work, check some of our ideas here!

Our tours are mostly low carbon, muscle driven walking and biking tours, which we think are just a perfect way to experience this quite compact city. We also use public transportation on some of our tours – Helsinki public transport is working very sustainability with many electric buses and using renewable electricity sources for trams, trains and underground. If we have to use charter buses, we always try to find a right size of bus for the group and we also choose our partners by their sustainability, preferring certified local companies. Overall, we always choose local and preferably smaller companies as our partners.

Biking around Helsinki

In March 2022 we were recognized by Green Activities certificate for our work as sustainable and responsible tour company. To get this certificate we were evaluated for many different requirements and successfully passed the audit. The process was demanding but also rewarding, working with specialists and other candidates gave many ideas to implement in the future. The certificate also requires us to continue our work with these values to keep the company on the right path!

Juho, the founder of Yoo-hoo! Tours is part of LGBTQ community. For us it is a clear choice to be a rainbow friendly company and want to emphasize the equality regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, age or religion. We are a proud member of We Speak Gay community with other LGBTQ friendly companies in Finland.