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Yoo-hoo! Tours give you a possibility to enjoy a safe & clean helsinki and its great outdoor nature. 

On this page we will also show some examples of the tours we are offering for the groups and individuals visiting Helsinki. We are happy to assist you also in any other tour need you might have! 

Check our portfolio below and contact us by contact form or email info@yoohootours.fi ! 

bike tours in helsinki

Helsinki is a perfect city for biking with mostly flat surface and our extensive bicycle network of 1200 kilometres. As the city is surrounded by the Baltic sea, it offers many picturesque routes by the sea.


Yoo-hoo! Tours organizes different biking tours according to your needs. You can choose a city tour with a regular bike, a longer tour with an e-bike or even come with your own bikes and just have us guiding you on a tour. We know the hidden gems of the city reachable by bike, so you will see much more with us than just biking by yourself – and of course with us you will hear the information and the stories about the city, country and people living here

Feel free to contact us for more info and pricing! 

Helsinki City tour by bike 

This compact and basic tour is approximately 15 kilometres of leisurely biking in the vicinity of the Helsinki city center. The duration is about 2-2,5 hours depending of number of the stops and the speed we are biking. On this tour you will see the main sights of the Helsinki central area, and also bike on several beautiful bike lanes by the Baltic Sea. This tour is perfect for you if you want to experience Helsinki’s most important places and enjoy an easy bike ride around the city. 

The tour departs in front of Helsinki Sky Wheel unless something else is agreed. 

—> You can check a short video clip about the city tour here!  



Downtown Helsinki is compact, and you can see most of its sights by walking. we also organize special interest walking tours such as food tours, architecture tours among others. If we are unable to provide you the exact special tour you wish, we will use our wide network with other Helsinki Guide companies and most probably be able to get that tour for you! 


helsinki city walking tour 

This 3 hours guided walking tour will show you the best of Helsinki. We begin our walking tour from your hotel or other preferred location, and enjoy a leisure walk while you guide shows you the main sights and tells you the history of Helsinki and it’s inhabitants.

During this tours, the following sights & venues will be seen:

Oodi City Library and the surroundings on the beautiful Töölö Bay area; Central Railway Station and the historical area around it; The historical Center of Helsinki including the Helsinki Cathedral around the Senate Square; Katajanokka Jugend/ Art Nouveau neighborhood; Market Square and the seafront of Helsinki; The Esplanade Park. 




helsinki’s archipelago with it’s maritime vibe is close to yoo-hoo! tours heart


Our dedication to the sensitive and specific environment of the Baltic Sea goes deeper than organizing the tours. The sea environment has been part of Juho’s life for years, first as crew member on the cruise ferries on the Baltic Sea and later on by working onboard the international cruise liners. Nowadays boating along the coast of Helsinki is a summertime hobby. 

To keep the Baltic Sea environment available also for future generations, Yoo-hoo! Tours  makes a donation from each tour to the John Nurminen Foundation and their important work in preserving the Baltic Sea and its fragile ecosystem.

Different islands for different tours 

Suomenlinna Sea Fortress with its impressive, almost 300 years old history. This Unesco world heritage site is one the best kept bastion style island fortresses worldwide. The exciting stories and hidden places you will see on our tour will give you a feeling of lifestyle long ago, but you will also have a chance to see the modern Suomenlinna with its restaurants, cafes and museums. 

Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari former military islands have been open for public only for few years. They both have a lush nature and amazing sea views which are of course combined with historical fortifications and buildings which tell a story of thousands of soldiers and other people. There are few cafes with restrooms on the island. On these mysterious islands the time seems to stand still. 

Lonna island is a small and compact island with many stories. It is known from its red brick buildings which have served as a mine station earlier. On this island we will guide a short 45 minutes walking tour during which you will hear about the mine construction history and see for example the secret control room which operated to keep the Baltic Sea safe to the sea fare. After the tour you can stay on the island and enjoy a tasty meal or cold drink there or even see the most beautiful sunset of Helsinki.

Vasikkasaari is the most rural of Helsinki recreational islands. We will organize you a private boat the get there so it is easy to connect this island with Island Hopping tour. On the island we will guide you around this blooming place and let you admire the sea views to the city. After the tour including the history of the island we can arrange a nice picnic or even a barbeque. 

The Island Tour prices vary depending of the island, the duration of the tour and the transportation type. Get in touch with us to find out more! 


Island hopping or even a private boat? 

Most of the islands in Helsinki are easily reached by our public transportation or island ferries departing from the Market Square. The islands also are located quite close to each others, so we can easily arrange you an Island Hopping tour to show you more than one island. This kind of a tour takes about half day, and we can together plan which islands you wish to see and where the lunch or a snack break is going to be. This is really a recommended way to see the archipelago as the islands are all different by they nature and history. This tour can be done with a public ferries or by with a private boat from our locals partners. 

To make your experience even more special, why not book a private boat for your tour? Our partners have different boats available, and you can use them for island hopping, maritime sightseeing or just leisure boating with a captain and our guide.